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Professional Pool Remodeling Austin, Texas

Pool Remodeling Services You Can Count On

In dire need of a pool upgrade? We’re professional pool builders and our team is highly skilled in dealing with slight or even major remodeling services for your pool.

Whenever summer comes around the corner, every pool owner can’t stop thinking about the fun time they’re going to have with their pool. However, as you’re about to dive right into the water, you see cracks and loose tiles on the surfaces.

The pool you’re so excited about has lost its charm and it needs a makeover! Remodeling your pool is the difference between a barren and boring pool to an oasis teeming with ambiance and fun. Call us today to know more about our pool remodeling and pool design options!

Why Remodeling Is Essential For Your Pool

As a pool owner, you are responsible for checking any damages or lacking elements in your pool. If your pool is left unchecked, it can pose hazards to anyone who uses the pool.

Sooner or later materials will wear down and because of this, your pool needs to be renovated as soon as possible. There are many indications that your pool might be in dire need of a makeover, so we’ve compiled a list of them for you:

A significant drop in water level on your pool is an alarming sign of leakage. This is a major problem and should not be taken lightly.

As your pool ages, there’s a big possibility that the pool’s crucial mechanical equipment requires refreshing. Refurbishing your pump, filter, and plumbing from time to time is essential in keeping your pool system functioning properly.

Maybe it’s high time to change to the design of your pool since it’s been years when it was installed. You should upgrade and follow the contemporary trend of pool designs.

You see that the tiles, decking, and pool lightings are now worn down and are starting to be unconventional or unsafe. It’s time to make your pool safe again before any unfortunate accidents happen.

In the process of making your pool, maybe you have to cut down on budget, and certain features you liked were not installed. Now that you have saved up some budget, try adding those things and make your pool livelier and more enjoyable!

You feel that your pool is not big enough to fit in with several guests. You’re worried that your kids are no longer safe playing around your pool area. If those are the case, consider getting your pool renovated for a more satisfying experience.

Types Of Pool Remodeling Processes

Pools that have a coated surface of either tile, fiberglass, pebble, or plaster are called inground pools. The condition of your pool’s surface material will run down and become damaged over time.

You may notice that the plaster has shown signs of discoloration, showed stains of rust, or the paint is starting to peel. You might also see fibers wearing off the fiberglass, cracks in the pool’s structure, or flaking.

With all these signs, it’s time to breathe life into your pool. A new lining might be the simple solution for your pool which lost its charm. If you want to replace tired fiberglass or concrete in-ground pools, you should consider pool resurfacing.

Choosing pebbles is a great idea if you want the most durable among the pool finishes available. White pebble is perfect if you want your pool’s interior surface to have to radiate sky-blue pool water.

If you want to go for a vibrant and unique look on your pool, consider the colored pebble. There’s a variety of colors you can choose from.

Taking the luxurious and resort type of pool route will need an all tile resurfacing.

The top edge of a pool is finished by installing coping tiles. Coping tiles are great if you want to give your pool a unique texture and style. They are commonly made of stone like granite, travertine, or slate.

But if you want to be creative and fancy, you can use mosaic tiles to make it more luxurious.

Coping tiles also serve as a safety feature as they are less slippery than pool tiles.

With the best quality coping tiles, you can get nice heat-resistant tiles that won’t heat up under very hot weather. They are also easy to clean as mold, dirt, and stains are not that able to stick to the surface.

This is the focal point of your pool. It brings harmony to your pool and your yard’s landscaping so you really should give much thought to them. In deciding the size of your decking, you should think about the entertainment you’d like to accommodate your pool.

You could come up with some tables, chairs, lounges, and shade havens. So many things you need to think about when choosing your pool decking.

Price, maintenance costs, design, slipping, and heat resistance are some of the factors you need to consider. Looking into some of the most popular decking options is a great idea.

Fancy adding some sizzle and warmth into your dream oasis? Consider custom fire features. From hosting a large pool party with your friends and family or looking for an intimate setting for a date with your dear, the fire features on your pool will boost the experience.

There’s a wide variety of fire features you can choose from. You may want to add either a fire bowl, a fire pit, or a fire table or you can have all three.

If you want to tone down the heat, you can complement your fire features with water features. A fire pit glass greatly complements a cascading waterfall in any pool.

If you opt for a cool and relaxed ambiance, then additional water features around a pool will surely add both beauty and tranquility to your backyard oasis. There’s no limit to what you want as a water feature.

A waterfall? A mini river? Your only limit is your imagination when deciding what water features you want for your pool. Your choice of water features will greatly affect the ambiance you want to aim in your dream oasis.

For example, a cascading waterfall will add a nice white noise to your experience. You can dive into some of the most popular water features to add to your pool such as scuppers, pool gushers, sheer descents, waterfalls, weeping walls, pencil jets, and grottos.

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